Confused mind

Time to Think

Confused mind is a state of mind where everyone thinks that you are good for nothing and you are one of a kind hopeless person with no sense of planning and organization. But I strongly feel that it is the time we can explore and experiment, think and rethink, find some inane ideas and then get to a point where either we are satisfied or more confused to carry on this process. Whatever we do, definitely our mind is working harder than usual and that is for sure. We are not idle, in fact we are very creative maybe absurdly but very! It is rightly said….an empty mind is devil’s workshop but ye….even devils have some out of the box ideas ;).

With my personal experience I can tell that it is the state of mind where our thoughts work faster than normal….we think over hundreds of things at a time and land up with something that may sound silly for sometime but later on can prove to be great!!!!!!!!

For example I started blogging just out of curiosity which seeded deep in me during my confused state of mind. Though the idea was given by a very close friend of mine sometime back, but I brought it into action when I actually had nothing to do and was feeling totally confused. And see now I just love doing it!



Hey! What have you got to share?

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