Some-people-feel-the-rain-others-just-get-wet-positive-picturesUnder the constant cover of clouds….Jaipur looks amazingly beautiful, especially the Amber Fort area and Kukas! The clouds hovering over the forts and hill tops, create a splendid panorama with soft aroma of earth and leaves.

As the air turns into cool breeze soothing away the scorching heat of Rajasthan, it is definitely a time for the people of the Pink City to move out of their homes and welcome monsoon with open arms and celebrate every drop of rain pouring down the grey sky.

It is so well said by Bob Marley that only some people feel the rain; it is Jaipur’s turn to feel it!



  1. During Monsoon, one place which a ‘must go’ is Nahargarh Fort! You are above the clouds.. and you could water droplets on your skin.. its an amazing experience!


  2. You quoted my favourite…
    I havent been to rajasthan..but then the one thing which i could feel sitting miles away was the change in the hearts of the locals there..the effervescense..the joy..the cool breeze in the grey clouds making you feel like you are flyin in the soothing comfort if your favourite have experssed brilliance in the few lines..wekl written


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