Novels and movies

Novels and movies have a strong and sometimes very disappointing bonding. We all just love reading novels depending on our taste and are eager to see them playing in front of us as well. Movies have their magic but usually a novel is twisted and turned making the real fans and readers upset regarding their favorite novels.

Fiction novels have their way on the movies cutting down the details and keeping up the main incidents that have the highest level of excitement in the novel. Yet those scenes are also brutally cut or warped keeping the time constraints of the movie in mind, as a result our very own beloved novel doesn’t turns out to be our favorite movie.

But if we see other way round, it is really exciting and very interesting. Like if we first watch a movie, it captures our attention, we find it great and then look for the novel on which the movie is based. This makes both the novel and the movie to be very fascinating, holding different importance of entertainment.

My own collection has many novels and movies from Happy Potter series to Twilight series including Dan Brown’s famous novels and many more, where I have gone through the novels and seen the movies also. Though I have some personal favorites in those movies but I cannot deny the fact that books always remain the best source of entertainment for me whether I saw the movie first or read the novel first!

Thanks to all the wonderful writers as well as the film makers. 🙂




  1. Instead of movies, TV series are the best way to present a novel on screen, as a TV serial will do justice to the length and depth of the novel!


  2. Very well written pretty much captured the soul of it..The very first sense of disappointment creeps in the moment a star cast is finalized for the movie version if your favourite novel..books are all about create an entire world around imagine characters and they stick to you..and motion pictures are the directors vision of your fav character which doesnt go well with readers..for example one of my dear friends had been very sceptical about who should be playing christian gray altho she hated the book..the character stays.. works very well the other way round..when people buy novels after watching a movie…however i do have a question..
    “Doesnt it affect our imagination?”
    For example..i have lived in the victorian era..i have raised a toast after every sherlock holmes victory..but then robert downey could never justify my vision of holmes..initially i pictured downey as holmes..and it freaked me out..
    Ultimately i had to read the character deacription in a book and then could i read it further..
    But then..the movies do create a lot of buzz and i tbink they help in reviving a lot of classics and generate the right buzz..
    Life of pi..the perfect testament of it..half a dozen of my friends read it after they watched the movie..


    1. Of course it does. This happened with me for the Harry Potter and Twilight series. I could not imagine my own characters because I already had their faces in my mind. And trust me if you read the Twilight Series, the character Jacod Black needed to be larger and stronger than what Tyler Lautner seems to be and Edward Collin needed to be a lot more handsome.


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