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The most beautiful season of the year…..SPRING!!! It has the twist of life and enthusiasm in the name itself. As the silver winters melt away in the golden rays of Sun, breezy Spring brightens up with fragrance and colors.

I personally have a strong attachment to Spring as I dislike cold and adore flowers and chirping birds! The angelic birds with melodies tunes welcoming the life in all plants, filling the valleys and mountains with harmony and the bees to add in the humming tunes and butterflies adding to the colors of their own kind. This is the perfect time to admire the magnificent creations and miracles of God. This is the time to stop in your busy life and give yourself a treat of music, a treat of bouquet, a treat of endless beauty that spreads in all directions, a treat of God’s affection for the complete human race, to make them realize that he still loves them and wants them to get back to the pure world of utter beauty and immense love.

Spring reminds me of my golden school days in Sophia. The years when I use to desperately wait for the arrival of Spring not only because I hate winters but also because we had lush gardens in our Convent that used to grow lively and all vibrant during Spring with so many different flowers and in the middle of it stood the statue of Mother Mary…..the calm face, gentle eyes and the serene beauty that surged from head to toe. The days of Spring used to add just too much to its beauty, that it was all more soothing and graceful.

Spring to me is a synonym of life, happiness, optimism and beauty. It makes me feel as if someone has wiped the clouded glasses through which I was watching the world and now suddenly the world has become dazzling and bustling!



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  1. Spring! How beautiful is the
    Spring! How wonderful is the
    Spring! How majestic is the
    Spring! How fantastic is the
    Spring! How tantalizing is the
    Spring! How glorious is the
    Spring! How melodious is the
    Spring! How joyful is the
    Spring! How breathtaking is the
    Spring! How uplifting the
    Spring! How happy is the
    Spring! How magnificent is the
    Spring! How colorful is the
    Spring! How tasteful is the
    Spring! How memorable was the
    Spring! How flavorful is the
    Spring! How aromic is the
    Spring! How sweet is
    Spring! How beautiful is the

    Have a great Spring this year ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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