images (2)Though I am a nature lover and adore almost all the animals, including the wild cats, the most I   admire are Dogs and Squirrels.

These two are closest to my heart. Any how I’ll take up the topic of dogs in some other article…..maybe in the next one but right now I am here to share my love for Squirrels.

Squirrels play an important role in my life since I was little, may be 3 or 4. When I used to disturb and irritate mom, she never scolded me, rather she always made me sit in the veranda on a chair and asked to look around for squirrels. She told me that they are my friends and want to be with me; it is just that they are afraid of my gigantic size. Well, this trap always worked and I used to sit hours watching squirrels and constantly trying to be friends with them. As a result I developed a deep liking for them. I actually started fantasying about being a squirrel myself. When I grew up a little more, I used to have a bushy pony tail and whenever anyone used to compare it to the furry tail of squirrel; I used to take it as a compliment (I am a fan of their furry tail). Not to mention, it is still a compliment for me! Also when I was in 5th grade, we had a chapter in Hindi “Gillu Gilheri” by famous writer Mahadevi Verman. In that she described her pet squirrel and since then even I wished to have a pair of pet squirrels, not one, as I believe that any animal should be adopted in a pair, after all every creature feels closest to their own species.

So as a result my love and admiration for squirrels kept on increasing year after year. My growing age and mind hardly affected my liking for these creatures. Even in my Engineering College I got many opportunities to be around squirrels and also got a chance to play with them. I still remember the day when I had an argument with one of my close friends, shed some tears and went to the outer lawn to sit alone. A squirrel came up to me, first played with my shoe laces and then climbed up my denim, up to my knee, sat there for a while and then ran down. That incident lifted my mood so much that I did not feel sad anymore; rather for rest half an hour I sat and enjoyed the company and games of those cherub creatures. 🙂

Till today I look up to squirrels as one of the best ingenuities of God and never miss a chance of watching these little ones tumbling and bopping around, jumping from one tree to the other. I still fancy to be one someday….maybe in my next birth! And I still hope to have a pair of pet squirrels…..in this very life :).

These lovely animals somehow understand laws of nature and are wise enough to know that struggle for survival is just a part of life and that one must never forget to enjoy the gift of life, God has blessed us with. They know that life is to be lived to the fullest and companionship is for the sake of happiness not for outrageous competition. They are funny, fast, energetic, full of life and zeal and indeed very cute.

Someday………….I wish to be a squirrel, unbounded by the customs of human world, away from the worldly troubles……just hopping around, discovering and admiring my own abilities….living my life…just living it not bearing it like humans do!!!

P.S.  Squirrels love chocolates…..do try! It’s an easy way to be friends with them ;).




  1. Squirrels are really superb animals. They are innocent yet clever, cute and fast! A very nice blog this is, as after reading it a lot of people will remember their own sweet old childhood days, when they used to sit and play in the garden adoring these cute little creatures playing around them. Though, being a squirrel is not a realistic thought, but, having a couple of pet squirrels is no doubt a fantastic idea, and i hope that this dream of yours becomes a reality soon 🙂

    A very nice and beautifully written blog. Congratulations!


  2. The Squirrel !!!


    Whisky, frisky,
    Hippity hop;
    Up he goes
    To the tree top!

    Whirly, twirly,
    Round and round,
    Down he scampers
    To the ground.

    Furly, curly
    What a tail!
    Tall as a feather
    Broad as a sail!

    Where’s his supper?
    In the shell,
    Snappity, crackity,
    Out it fell.


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