Mystery or history…….reality or fantasy Vampires have always played dazzling role in lives of people, yesterday and today.  Especially for me vampires are “WOW”.  They have an aura that pulls me towards them. I somehow get bound to read and watch vampire novels and movies. I have observed that vampires always attract extreme reactions from their viewers, whether affection or detestation. There is nothing ordinary about them or their stories. They have left their mark in all the fields, whether novels or movies; television shows or websites.  From Nosferatu to Dracula and from Twilight Saga to Vampire Dairies; they have given us thousand reasons to hate them and to love them, grabbing the attention of people from every dimension of life and countries.

Some find them too over the top while for others they are the synonym of style and lavishness! Like the two sides of coins they are both the monsters and the perfect lovers; the killers and the saviors! In all the ways Vampires have always amused people and mesmerized them in their own horrifyingly romantic and hideous ways.

Many claim that they existed and some feel that they still walk the roads with us. There are myths and fantasies and there are stories and realities. Nobody exactly knows why these creatures were created in fiction and what purpose they can ever have if they really exist. But I can say one thing for sure, whatever they do, they do it with passion and style, and I guess this is what consumes everybody.

The Vampire myth is one of the most universal and lasting one… the generation a creepy but spectacular trend of gothic fashion. Not only does Vampires rule the fashion world, they also rule the hearts of damsels……many girls today dream of not a Prince Charming on a white horse instead they fancy a astoundingly passionate Vampire rolling in a luxurious black Porsche.

So all the lovely girls who admire vampires and really need a hero who is strong, who is fast and who is larger than life, wait for your Damon Salvatore to come and sweep you off your feet…  😉




  1. “VAMPIRES” such a beautiful but unresolved mystery. Maybe the unresolved mystery is the beauty. But very well mentioned “always attract extreme reactions from their viewers, whether affection or detestation.”:D


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