Childhood is the symphony of innocence and joy. With the dawn of childhood bliss, comes the golden melody of life which helps a child, grow and live the life to its fullest. But where has it gone now? Who is responsible for the loss of childhood? Parents, teachers, society or the changing treads of life!! I guess all. All the things around children create an impact on them. We strongly believe that the children don’t understand things. Exactly! That is so true. But they are good at copying things and that is dangerous. They don’t understand things but they understand the process. Act the way you want your child to act!

Children are the endearing creatures blessed with empathy by God. They are like the buds that are waiting to blossom into beautiful fragrant flowers to give new colors and dreams to the world. But with the rise of the new world, competitions and city lives, children have lost the value of empathy, innocence and mistakes. They are made the knights to fight competitions and stand apart from day one. Nobody teaches them to enjoy what they do. They are not taught to be themselves and take life easy.

I personally know a kid of age 7 ,whose parents are working professionals. He is kept on home schooling and is sent to cricket coaching classes. When I asked him what he likes best about cricket, he said, “Papa likes it! Moreover, it looks cool!” Is this a good enough reason for a child of 7 to take cricket coaching? He has no experience of how good it feels when one sits with a bunch of 30 more children in a class and recite a poetry. He may be bright at academics but he is not bright with the lessons called LIFE!

I feel so lucky that I am born to the parents who are first humans and then professionals. They taught me and my sister to work hard but they never pressed us with high expectations. They never made us join any summer camps during summer vacations. They made sure that we played, ate and slept. They taught us that getting messy and bruised is also a joy and fixing broken toys is also a lesson.

When I see the little ones today, I find that taking walks in the parks, riding bicycle in the driveway and blowing bubbles have become a thing of past. The colors of rainbow and the birds in the sky, doesn’t amuse them anymore. Hide and seek, treasure hunt, digging in the dirt, all these games have lost their significance.

With both the parents working, lack of personal attention, trend of nuclear families and the fast moving world, kids have got involved in gadgets and social networking.  To compensate personal attention, parents engage their children in different courses. But one thing they forget is, nothing can compensate family love, nothing can compensate the twilight games and nothing can make them stronger than the strength given by the devotion of parents.

Every parent wants their children to perform academically extremely well and become an all rounder. They wants their kids to be technically sound and ahead of all. Though all these are a part of life in today’s world and cannot be completely neglected, it is our duty to preserve the childhood and save the innocence of the kids.

Life is not a long road of competition to the winning point; it is a journey with small moments of joy and stoppages where you enjoy life with your dear ones!  So let them smell the mud in the rain, feel the flavor of baked cakes and laze in the sunny afternoons. Because as the life goes on…………the one thing that cannot be reversed is TIME!!




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