Ultimate Survivor

Image     Katrina Petrova or more popularly known as Katherine Pierce in Vampire Diaries Series is one of the most hateful characters of all!  Klaus may come and go and so may Silas but this vamp with her predominant existence remains a constant show of the season, always and FOREVER! She is the bad girl, whom everyone hates and everyone wants.

She is the most hated character. But why? Did you ever think about it? Just because she knows the rule to play the game till the end and is always the survivor.  Struggle for survival is the oldest theory of evolution! Every species in the cycle of evolution crushes the other and moves up to the next level of existence and this is how the life goes on. Forget about animals, if we talk about humans, what have we accomplished in the cycle of evolution? Even the biggest of conquerors and emperors like Napoleon, Alexander and Ashoka, killed and crushed innocent people for empires and are remembered in history with respect. So, why Katherine is always questioned? Fighting for your dreams was never bad and can never be awful.

Now when I look at Katherine, she is an ULTIMATE SURVIVOR who knows how to use resources around her in the best possible manner and move up in the chain of survival. She had gone through all the bad phases a woman can go through and people of power have been a constant threat for her. But then, she never gave up.  She has the passion to survive! She believes in, “never to give up; if one door closes another opens; there is always a way out; no problem in this world came without solution and I CAN DO IT”!

If you forget about her character in the Vampire Dairies series, are these not the most inspiring of the thoughts one can have? Are you not the one who wants to become the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR? Are you not the one who wants to be the best student, best employee and best entrepreneur? Don’t you want the most comfortable life with all the luxuries at your disposal?

So what is wrong with her doing the same? In fact she wants the most basic of all the things we want in our lives, she wants to LIVE! If you can actually make your necessity, your passion and your purpose for life, no target is unachievable and no game is lost.

I personally feel that this is the strongest character of Vampire Diaries with the brains that can win a chess match over Magnus Carlsen or Vishvanath Anand, not because she is better with the game but because she knows winning is the only option in life.

There is a dialogue in the Series where Damon says that if you become bad with a purpose you are forgiven. Is keeping yourself alive not a purpose? Is chasing your dreams not a purpose?  Her attitude may be wrong but not her passion and purpose! Katerina Petrova’s character is the strongest and most well written character of the Vampire Diaries in my view. Hats off to the one who made her just indisputably “The Survivor of Centuries”!

Though I am not asking you to be evil and opportunist but become optimistic, find your passion and live it. I strongly believe that you should chase your dream, until it becomes your reality. Work with passion and NEVER LET GO!

So now I would like to edit the first line of my article and say “Katrina Petrova or more popularly known as Katherine Pierce in Vampire Diaries Series is one of the most INFLUENTIAL characters of all”.

P.S. No offense to any other character.




  1. Someone who can perceive goodness out of evil is a gifted soul and the blog writer seems to have a pretty good nack of it…
    Nice post … Cheeerss… !


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