The bakery near my office

Isn’t it always about clicking with someone or striking the right chord? Even when we are taught to write, we are always asked to write things that are catchy, that click; something that can raise interest of others in our piece of work. I personally feel that, what clicks with someone is very subjective most of the time. Just the way to me what clicks is the bakery near my office. It not only strikes the right chord of my heart but makes my heart sing.  It does not only arouse my senses of smell and taste but also takes me down the memory lane of my childhood; a plethora of memories when holidays were all I used to crave for and exams were the only challenge in my life.

Whenever cakes and muffins are baked in this bakery, our whole office is filled with the sweet and delicious aroma and my heart is warmed with the memories of my grandmother, my summer vacations and crisp countryside of Ahmednagar with tall grass and wild flowers on the high-low landscapes, the deep blue sky, the golden rays of sun, cool breeze blowing, our house and our garden.

I used to wait throughout the year to spend that one month of my summer holidays in Ahmednagar, in the lap of nature, adoring the flowers of our garden, eating cakes baked by my grandmother and lazing out in summer sun picking fruits from our trees of custard apple, guava and pomegranate.  It was no less than heaven on earth for me. I never realized the need of a friend while I was at my grandma’s place.  My inquisitiveness and the astounding beauty of the place was more than enough to keep me woven in a bundle of joy which I could never get enough of!

How life changes with time is something I realize everyday when I inhale the aroma coming from this bakery near my office. I am no more the same little girl, our house needs renovation, our garden is no more lush green and my grandma, she is no more with us. I miss those days and my grandma. Still those memories fill me up with warmth and love that the passing years could not tamper.




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