Spring- Nature’s way of saying….”life is beautiful”!


Every year as the Spring arrives….I am all more happy and excited. I am not a winter lover rather I would prefer summer heat. Anything cold and wet, I don’t really enjoy. So no winters for me and definitely no continuous pour down.  What I enjoy the most is the beautiful colors of nature which are abundant in spring. So spring is something I wait the most for and welcome the most, of all the seasons of the year. For me spring is the synonym of beauty, love, happiness and enthusiasm.

As I got out of my bed today and went to the balcony, I could feel the difference in the air. It was the fresh scent of leaves in the cool breeze that I could breathe and feel in my hair, sweeping away all my worries. Wow…..I know, finally…..it’s SPRING TIME!

It is the time for nature to tell me a little tale of it’s wonderland, where there are flowers with lovely fragrance, there are butterflies dancing in the air, where birds chirp a little more and squirrels are a little naughtier, where grass has those shiny dew drops and clouds take funny shapes in the blue sky. Yes, I am in love! I am in love with this tale of nature and I wait desperately to listen to it every year.

Spring is like a new beginning, a way of God to show his love for us and a way of nature to say, “lets dance”! It is the miracle, the magic of the universe! It tells us that miracles do happen if we just believe in them. It gives us all an inspiration that even the simplest person can create the greatest difference in the world, just the way rough brown earth makes the whole world delicate, fragrant and colorful as the spring arrives. It gives us the message that every cold day is conquered by a warmer tomorrow if we have faith and patience.

I just can’t get enough of it ever. I can never take my eyes off the beauty that spring holds. Something so effortlessly beautiful, simple yet elegant, showering us with tenderness and love with the blessings from mother earth. Every year I wait for spring with open arms to arrive and then embrace it close to my heart, feel it with my every single breath, before it leaves me with wonderful memories and a promise to return the next year.




  1. Took me back to my lovely careless childhood day’s! of running in the farms under the sun, the sound of dry leaves lingering on the asphalt roads! and a message “Summer Vacations are on the way”!!!

    Loved it 🙂 ❤

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  2. A superb article! Loved reading it… it came straight from your heart, and that’s where the beauty lies 🙂

    Spring is the time that every child loves, and waits for, all through the year. But as we grow up and become more and more busy in life, occupied in things that are, may be not so important than we actually think it is, we tend to walk away from nature. We do acknowledge nature’s presence around us but do not admire its beauty, to an extent that changing seasons is just as good as taking our winter/summer clothes out of the closets!

    So, in today’s time, when I am a ‘busy’ adult, this article is a wake up call for me and it is asking me a direct question – “Is getting more and more busy in life worth missing the joy of nature’s awesome beauty?”

    Thanks Khushboo!

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