How to make Twitter easy with TweetDeck? today’s world social presence has become as important as earning your bread and butter. Some are there to share and others are there to care but everyone is there. Especially if you are a person who wants to achieve something, stay connected and work globally, I am sure you use some of the social media platforms. And when it comes to social media I believe Twitter gains a lot of brownie points.

You agree? Yes! Good 🙂

So, are you working fine with Twitter?

Does Twitter seem to be a little inconvenient as compared to Facebook?

I have heard many people saying, “I cannot understand the functioning of Twitter” or  “the notifications on Twitter doesn’t buzz as on Facebook and Linkedin”, etc, etc.

First of all I would like you to know that now if you go to the “Notifications” on Twitter you will get all the recent activities loaded there. So there itself half of your problems are taken care of.  Together with this you can also use some of the very convenient tools that are especially designed to make your Twitter experience a sheer pleasure. Some of them are TweetDeck, backtweets, tweetreach, tweetbeep, TWITALYZER, hootsuite and bufferapp.

Why I mentioned these tools are because, they give you a very specific look of every activity performed on your account. Personally I am using TweetDeck and trust me I am loving it! So lets talk about it today.

TweetDeck is a tool created by Twitter itself for organizing, engaging and real-time tracking of all the Twitter activities done in your account. It is more like a social media dashboard application which helps you keep complete record of your account. TweetDeck opens you up with numerous possibilities to work with Twitter. On the dashboard of TweetDeck you can add Home, Notifications, Messages, Activity, @Mentions, Favorites and many more options in the order of your preference, in the form of columns.

See the image below:



You can also add another Twitter or Facebook account to the same TweetDeck account and monitor its activities as well. TweetDeck gives you customized columns, multiple account toggling and posts scheduling system. Not to mention with a modern, clean design and automatically refreshing feeds, TweetDeck’s utility comes in its simplicity.

So the next time you think that you are not able to handle your Twitter account, just click on TWEETDECK, login with your Twitter username and password and yay, you are done!!! Welcome to the world at ease with Twitter.

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  1. Twitter has always been a very confusing thing to use for me! As Facebook came first so it seems more convenient and twitter is like a complex maze to work on…. tweet-deck as suggested by you seems to be the key to the lock! I will start using it and ill come back with a feedback very soon!

    The article is surely a big help for all ‘confused with twitter’ people like me and it was really relaxing to know that I am not the only one who is stuck with twitter – there are others too who find it pretty confusing 😀 😀

    Thanks (again) for the informative article! :):)

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