A Problem or An Opportunity?


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Everyone of us come across the situations in our lives, we call, “PROBLEM”! So how does it sounds to you? Scary? Worrisome? Challenging?  This seven alphabet word, scares a hell out of us. Different situations create different problems for different individuals. What maybe a problem for you is not a problem for me but then something else is a problem for me. But some problem is there in everyone’s life.

So what can we do?

What if we just do a little tweaking in our vocabulary and call it an OPPORTUNITY? An opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to improve, an opportunity to meet some new people, an opportunity to fix something we messed up,  an opportunity to improve a situation, an opportunity to improve a relation or an opportunity to learn a lesson in our life.

There can be many kinds of problems and so we can have many kinds of opportunities. I don’t like to even call them challenges. I feel that the word “challenge” again fills us up with some kind of rage and ego issues while the word opportunity is like a hope; it only brings happiness and excitement.

The only thing we have to take into consideration is to have an optimistic approach and we can see the magic!

Now you must be feeling….yeah ,yeah…..it’s easy to babble around such stuff! To preach is easier than to follow!

Oh yes, you are correct!

But here what I am doing is not babbling or preaching. Here I am introducing you to your other side. The other side which is ready to learn and grow and stand taller after everything has happened. When I ask you to take up your problems as opportunities, I try to introduce you to your own side which is enthusiastic, optimistic, responsible, forgiving and focused. In my office when I develop some new content or make new social media strategy and my boss doesn’t agrees to it or asks me to add something more to it, I never feel frustrated. I am always happy to know that I have an opportunity to learn a new way of writing or I have an opportunity to learn something more about social media marketing. Isn’t this an easier approach?

I am not asking you to take all the burden on your shoulders or take the blame for others. Of course that won’t be right. Every coin has two sides. If you should not take someone’s credit, you need not take their share of blame upon you as well. But you can be the solution provider. You can always take the credit of fixing the situation.

Moreover you can always be the person who makes everyone’s life better including your own. The moment you become the solution provider, you not only conquer your fears but you also start manifesting better things in life. You get aligned with universe and start fulfilling all your dreams.

So the next time you have a problem, just smile and say, aaha! an OPPORTUNITY! 😉





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