What is Astrology?



Hmmm……so you want to know, what Astrology is?

“the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.”

Wow! So this defines it. Well I guess like me even you are confused?

Lets then take it our way!

Shall we? Great!

Astrology is no rocket science but it is a science. It is a natural science. A science which is more co-related to meta-physics.

Everyone in this world is born on a particular day, in a particular month and year, and on a particular time. At that particular moment all the planets and our two celestial loves, i.e., sun and moon are positioned in a certain way (lets leave the details for now as here we are just defining basic Astrology) and that certain way defines you.

Everything that I mentioned here creates an impact on you, a deep impact and that is why it is said, that no two people are same or in a better way, everyone is UNIQUE ;).

It is of course you, your actions and your behavior that makes you unique. Some say, “I was born this way”, while other may say, “life and experiences made me what I am”. But did you ever wonder why you have that particular attitude, and no other person has it? Why you went through those particular experiences and no one else faced them? It is because at the time of your birth all these celestial bodies decided your behavior, your debts to be paid from past life deeds, your karmas and your destiny.

Astrology is the science which can tell you, why you are like this, why you have these situations, what you can do about them and what are you destined for. Astrology is followed in many different ways worldwide but the most famous ones are, Western Astrology, Indian Astrology and Chinese Astrology. Of course to define you and your destiny completely we also need your name; it has a strong significance but that is the part of Numerology, which we’ll discuss later.

So once we have all your details, we need to blend them precisely and exactly to get the right COCKTAIL of your LIFE!

An insight of your astrological reading can save you many problems and many situations that in general you may find inevitable. At least, it can guide you, how to face them.

So the next time you have a situation, you have problems with relationships or your job is not what makes you happy, get your astrological reading done. I am sure it will answer many of your questions and clear the clouds of doubts for the lifetime.

P.S. Believe in yourself and have faith in miracles. Nothing is impossible as impossible itself says, “I M POSSIBLE”!

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  1. i would just comment on the definition. for me, the use of the symbols of the planets, stars and other celestial bodies us not that they influence life on earth, but allow anyone to view their life with respect to cosmic timing, placements and relationship based on a developed symbol language as used commonly here on earth by those who speak astrologically. the context of the story of symbols having meaning only to the individual’s influences and experiences.

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