Love yourself!


Today I want to simply ask you something,

Do you feel you love yourself enough?

Do you treat yourself the way you want others to treat you?

Do you love your work, your body, your life, yourself?

If yes, then, awesome, you are a ROCK STAR!

If not? Why?

Don’t you think before anyone in this world, it’s your duty to love yourself and treat yourself in the best possible way. If you can’t love what is in you, how do you expect others to love it about you? If you can’t love yourself, how will you ever love someone else?

Start it today!

You are UNIQUE! First of all, never compare yourself to anyone else. God made you this way for a reason. He has a plan for you and he wants you to get the best out of yourself and your life.

Don’t make their perception, yours. Those people around you have never been in your shoes. They have not lived your life and not dealt with your situations. They don’t feel the way you feel neither do they think your way. Their opinion should matter as little as their knowledge of you and your life.

Love your flaws! Without them you won’t be as unique as you are now. Your qualities and your flaws together make you the diva you are. So start accepting them.

Forgive yourself! There is not a single human being who has not done something bad. So please for the sake of life, forgive yourself. It is normal to be bad at times. You can’t keep everyone happy in this world. You are a human, don’t try to act like an angel.

Let bygones be bygones! Done keep brushing your mind through your past especially if it was sad. It is the very favorite human tendency to always look into the past and brood on the pain and mistakes. Take a lesson, smile that it is over, and move on.

Start adoring yourself! Respect what you do. Admire your qualities. Be proud of what you are and what you have achieved in life. Even winning a game is special, even bring in a salary every month is special.

Admire your beauty! Trust me, everyone is beautiful. Take care of your skin and hair. Dress beautifully, treat yourself with your favorite food and buy yourself some lovely gifts.

Enjoy your own company! Get yourself flowers and chocolates, read your favorite books, listen to your favorite music, dance with yourself and smile because God has gifted you with a life which is too precious to be wasted without adoring and loving yourself.

How others see you is the exact reflection of how you see yourself. If you see in yourself a confident and outstanding person, not even the angels of the heaven can take you for granted.

Know yourself,

Like yourself,

Love yourself,

BE yourself!

You are too SPECIAL! And it is your life……make it LARGE!





  1. There are two types of people in this world – Good people and bad people.

    Good People “love others”! They are always seen helping others out – encouraging them, supporting them, advising them, caring for them, pampering them, loving them!

    Bad People “don’t love others”! They don’t care a damn about others. They are selfish, always seen helping only themselves – little do they they care that they have got their own companions living in this world.

    But…. The third type of people and the most special ones are the ones who “love themselves”!
    They are closest to the God – They admire themselves, consider themselves unique, adore themselves, admire their beauty. They know themselves, Like themselves, Love themselves, BE themselves!

    Very little people are of the third kind!

    This is an awesome article! Really! Once more, an eye opener to all of us who are lost in our own small little problems, who have forgot that “I am the most special person on this earth!”

    Thanks Khushboo for showing a way…. a way of Life – TO MAKE IT LARGE!!

    Kudos for such a magnificent and formidable post! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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