Your numbers talk…

“Let thy numbers speak it all…..let them out to make the call;

for everything thou want and do, can be predicted by thy numbers true!” 

– Khushii


Numerology, just like Astrology, is another fascinating divinatory art which is related to numbers. The numbers that we are born with. The numbers that make our names. The numbers that walk with us throughout our lives…!

In numerology every number signifies certain characteristics and consequences caused by them. Ya, really! Your numbers can actually tell you what you are, what career you should pursue, what will be easy for you and what can bring troubles in your life.

Interesting, isn’t it!

And for your information, there are many forms of Numerology, out of which the most popular ones are Chaldean also known as Hebrew Kabbalah method and Pythagoras method also called Pythagorean Numerology. These we’ll discuss later. 😉

As we all are born on a particular date and blessed with a particular name by the grace of universe, these are inevitably important in our lives. Each number that we are bestowed with in our birth date has significant characteristics and every alphabet of our name points to a number, whose total enlightens us with many things about our existence.

You believe it or not, you were not born randomly on any date and your name is not an accident. Every bit of it has many mysteries wound around it. The mysteries that together create the magic known as YOU!

Yes, you are a magic, a magic that is created by God with special tricks (I call them numbers). The magic that is defined by your planets and numbers!

These tricky numbers together define your life, your path and your destiny.

So the next time you see your birth date and write your name anywhere, just remember, it creates an impact.

Your name is not only your identity, your name is your destiny!

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    1. I am completely disagree on this dear, the person born on 6 has luck number like 3,6,9,15,18,24,27 and 30 which all are multiple of that number. 5 number or 23 is never suitable number ever for multiple of 3, they can show goodness up to certain level, but in real they are not.


      1. Vivek I don’t know which numerology you follow. But for 6 I am very sure, 6 and 24 are luckiest numbers. 15 can work but 3, 9 and 27 are tune up numbers not the luckiest. I mentioned 5 and 23 as in general they bring luck especially 23. And 18 itself it a number of karmic debt so it is not very lucky.

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    2. My friend’s birthday is on 6th and mine is 9 we are best friend from 11 years one of my other best is with number 15,21 even they are also and I have check that too in numerology it show compatibility, I refer to Chinese numerology


      1. That’s what you are talking about compatibility while Sanjay asked me the lucky number. It’s different.
        Moreover my reading are based on Pythagoras and Chaldean Numerology.

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