Life or something like it…


You are yourself responsible for your happiness…..
I am sure, you heard this stuff many a times and felt like, “Ya, ya! I know. Now please, leave me alone.”

Well your frustration was correct at that point of time. Nobody wants, “Smile at your Life”, lecture when they are going through those tough times.


Simple! Things are not straight, mind is not in the right place and the heart is all gloomy. So how can someone expect you to mug up all those things at that time and ask you to start all over again.

Hmmmm……so what’s the solution to that?

Cry! Ya, I mean it. Cry, brood, curse and loath yourself or whom so ever you find responsible for your situation.

Done? Now come out of it. I know you are still sad, but that crying phase is over. Thank heavens!

Now listen to this again,
You are yourself responsible for your happiness…..
You are yourself responsible for your misery…..

It may start making sense now, because now when you look back you will notice that you had no reason to give that particular situation or person so much importance that it made your heart bleed.

Is this life? Do you really live each day or is it something like it….that makes you exist! Think over it.

If its life….cherish it, if it’s just something like it, ummm…well, then you may continue to just exist. Choice is yours.

I suggest, leave behind those dark shadows….walk towards the light! Happiness is on its way! Embrace it and  Love Yourself !!!




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