What’s so Pinteresting – How to begin?



Now as we know what Pinterest is and what it is capable of performing, I guess we are ready to start.
So, shall we…

As Pinterest is a little different from other social media platforms, we can take a little different approach.

So how should we start? Lets see…

  1. Create an ACCOUNT: There are many ways to create an account on Pinterest. You can create an account with Facebook, Twitter and direct email id. I personally suggest that you create account with Facebook or Twitter. This is the beauty of Social Media. One platform can benefit other with direct connection.
  2. Create an IMPRESSIVE PROFILE: Use your real name and a lovely photograph. Write an impressive description and do mention your blog or website, if you have one. If you use your Facebook or Twitter account to login, you get many things already in place. 🙂
  3. Create BOARDS of your INTEREST: Select around three topics of your interest or hobby. Create boards for each and write a small description about them.
  4. Create PINS: Pin the images of interest on the relevant boards and write something about each pin and put a relevant hashtag. Though hashtags are not very popular on Pinterest till now but using one hashtag per pin can work wonders at time.
  5. Use POPULAR: Go to the “Popular” category on Pinterest. This will help you find out what are the most popular contents. Pick at least one trendy stuff that is of your interest or near to your interest and create a board for it. You can directly pin content and images from “Popular” to this board if you want to reduce your efforts. 😉
  6. Create a GROUP BOARD: This is one great way to interact with people on Pinterest. Convert one of your boards to a group board or create a new group board. On this board, anyone can add pins. This gives you popularity and audience.
  7. FOLLOW: Follow people who share same or similar interests. If you have logged in with your Facebook or Twitter profile you may meet some of your friends already. Pinterest also offers you one very wonderful choice. Here you can follow a person or just a board of your interest from a person’s profile.
  8. INTERACT: Interact with the people you follow and the people who follow you. Never miss to thank a follower! Socializing is the key!
  9. SHARE: In social media sharing is getting noticed. Pin images from the people you are following, your followers and also randomly from Pinterest. Pin- pin -pin! But pin relevant and interesting stuff.
  10. INFORM: Social media always works back and forth! Tell your friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blog, etc, about your new account on Pinterest and don’t forget to share the link to it! 😉

So lets begin today! Happy pinning!!!

What all are you doing on your Pinterest account? Share your tips and ideas here and let me know if I have missed something.

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