Your name is not an accident!


Have you ever given a thought to your name? Or like others do you also believe that it is just a word which is used to address you?

Think again!

Your name is the first impression one gets. Especially when it comes to a resume, phone calls or a mention through a friend or a colleague.

“My best friend Elena is moving to this city soon”! Does anyone really care about Elena? No. But who so ever heard that made a subconscious note in their mind about Elena even without noticing.

So your name is actually a powerful influence that speaks a lot about your personality.

We are all born with karmas and destiny! Karmas are, what we carry from our past life deeds while destiny is the fate that we are suppose to meet, in this birth.  Our karmas influence our destiny so they decide our name, as our name decides our destiny.

In all these thousands of years, languages have evolved in a perfect synchronicity with the people who speak it.  Every word is finely tuned with continuous evolution. Names, being an important part of any language are also blended with rhythm of the universe.

The name initially given by the parents or guardians is important. It is connected with the direct intuitions and a mental and an emotional relationship they share with the baby.

Example: Abraham Lincoln’s name makes, 7 which tells that Lincoln had great dreams. He had a calm and quiet magnetism that influenced people and he disliked following the beaten path.

So, the first thing is that your name is not an accident. Your  karmas and your destiny played significant roles to make people name you for who you are. Secondly, your name is a universal melody, a vibration. It invokes an image, a feeling and an impression in the other person’s mind subconsciously.

In numerology, we can deduce your name and find out your destiny, your desires and your actions. This can be done both by Chaldean and Pythagoras method.

So the next time you tell your name to someone or write it somewhere, be proud of who you are. You are playing your role in this world the way you were supposed to!

Also be careful while naming your children, your business, your products and even your pets. YES! Name creates impact on every living and non-living thing.

Do you know the mystery of your name and destiny? Do situations at time confuse you? Want a name for someone or something? What all have you experienced till now? Share with me. 

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  1. My name is Kathryn. As a child, I hated it. I wanted to be called Sandra or Michelle. Now I am glad I am neither a Sandra or a Michelle. I love my name…

    It means ‘pure’.

    But as Shakespeare said (and I paraphrase): ‘what’s in a name; would not a rose, by any other name, still smell as sweet..?’

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    1. That’s very true Kathryn. But have you ever given a thought why rose was named rose only and nothing else. When you find out it’s numerological meaning, Rose means expression, verbalization, socialization, arts and the joy of living.
      Doesn’t the flower rose signifies all this.
      What Shakespeare said is true, but then rose was destined to be named rose and so were you to be named Kathryn, which is again a very beautiful name.
      Your name makes you pure, innocent, analytic, understanding and knowledgeable person.

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      1. Yes, names are fascinating. Ever since I was a child the origin of names – especially places – has held my fascination.

        Our names are, indeed, our destinies.


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