6 Ground Rules of Social Media


Social Media has become an inextricable part of many people around the globe. Whether you log in to chat and share with your family and friends, interact with your followers and fans or promote and market your product, you are there! You can’t deny this! Can you?

But if you look into it carefully, there are people who keep on terrifying you with different concepts of social media.
You know, all those to-dos and not-to-dos lists.
Are they useful? Yes, they are!
Should you be terrified? Not actually!
What should be done?
Well, when it comes to social media, a lot can be done and it can vary from platform to platform. Twitter favorites something and Facebook likes something else and here is our new social media giant, Google plus, which certainly has a “+1” appetite.

But don’t you think, there are some ground rules to everything. So how can social media be different?
Lets see what all we can do,

  1. Choose carefully: When it comes to social media, the options are over flowing. So is it wise to get trapped in a long list of accounts and profiles? Hell no! Unless your profession demands it, don’t go for more than 3 social media platforms at once. See what is best for you and your business and accordingly choose the platforms.
  2. Be honest: Your introduction, description, bio…! Whatever you may call it on different social networks, plays a very important role. Be honest while you write your introduction and put your real name and your own photo. This makes you more authentic and real in the eyes of others.
  3. Be regular: Post everyday! Make sure that you don’t post crap. But also make sure that you post something valuable and good everyday. In fact, content curation also works well when it comes to posting. What I mean is, instead of posting rubbish, it’s better to re-post something that was posted by someone else or long time back by you.
  4.  Interact: You may not feel like following or adding every second person who adds you, but then, you can at least be interactive and appreciative towards them. Together with this, you should also interact with a few people you have in your list at least once a week. This keeps you updated and makes you social in the real meaning.
  5. Be your true self: In your daily life, you are a person who is a blend of heart and brain, personal life and professional life, so social media is no different. If you really want people to relate to you, make your presence a blend of professional and personal life. Eg: When I tweet, my tweets comprise of at least one tweet related to social media or content strategy, one about spirituality or inspiration or my hobbies and one tweet of anything I liked on internet, it can be a retweet also.
  6. Hashtags: Almost all the social networking sites use this little marketing baby named “hashtags”! You are no different. Always use the hashtags but not more than three at a time (instagram is exceptional) and make sure they are relevant.

Isn’t this easier and happier way to play around with social media? So go on and choose what suits you the best and start interacting today! Happy Socializing!

Which are your favorite social media networks? How you interact there? Share your experiences and let me know if I have missed anything.

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