6 Basic Rules of Social Media Engagement


How to get more likes, followers and shares? How to engage the masses?

Being a part of social media I know this is one question that keeps on bugging us all the time. We all want more likes, more re-tweets, more appreciation! Humans are not just social animals, humans are social animals who take pride in mass engagement and feel fulfilled when people like and appreciate them.

Social media is no different. Just like in our routine life, we want people on social platforms to like and talk about us, to praise our approach and to appreciate our efforts and ideas.

But how to become more visible and build an online presence which engages people?

Well, let me help you with a few feathers from my social media hat! 😉

6 rules of engaging masses on Social Media

1. Be creative When it comes to social media you have to be original, current and impressive. Try to choose a topic which is the flavor of the month and present your creative and original views on it. If you are not much into current things then you can choose anything that you are good at. There is no dearth of people who like the same thing throughout the world. Eg: Talk about dogs, ice-cream, coffee, love, spirituality. The topics are endless. You just need to find your niche.

2. Get right audience- Once you know what are your powers, choose the right social media platforms and add, follow and make friends with the people who share and appreciate the same interests. Also make sure to join and follow the similar groups, communities and pages. Eg: It won’t be really great if you talk about ice-creams on LinkedIn, unless you are targeting Baskin Robbins on LinkedIn.

3. Go viral- As I mentioned in my previous article, be active on around three social platforms at a time and whatever you have, post it on all of them. We have many different followers and people on different platforms and it’s always recommended to go out and post everywhere. Not to mention, post your work on the right groups and communities as well.  Eg: If you are a photographer with a blog post or a photo of your recent work, submit it on the photography related communities on Facebook and Google plus together with your own profile.

4. Be on time- “It’s always the right time!” Well, it is. But not exactly when it comes to social media. Different countries and different platforms have different time of mass engagement. Make sure you try to understand it and post accordingly. It needs a little observations.  Eg: If your friends and followers are more active in afternoon, post your work in the afternoon. If weekend has most engagement, keep your best work saved for Saturdays and Sundays. 

5. Be visual- Visualization, social bookmarking and videos have become an integral part of social media. Make your article, post and tweet more visual by adding an image or a video in it. Eg: You can see, I have added an image to this post. 

6. Use influence- Now everyone knows the magic of influence and influential people, sources and links. So never leave a chance of linking back, using hashtags and mentioning the people or sources (@name , +name). It’s always nice to take advantage of marketing but make sure it doesn’t become overwhelming. Eg: You can use one link, one mention and two hashtags in a post or a tweet. When it comes to an article, you can use one back link, 2-3 categories and a few relevant tags. This is like a healthy and balanced social media marketing diet.

So, all set?

I’m sure if you keep all these points in mind, slowly and gradually your engagement with masses will increase and soon you’ll get the attention and appreciation you deserve!

How you like to engage with masses? What all you do to get the most attention? Let me know if we can improve this article with some ideas?

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