Last weekend I went to watch the movie,  Maleficent. Of course I went to watch it because it’s a Disney Movie and I love Angelina Jolie but then I had my personal doubts and questions.

Pardon my vocabulary, my first yearning was to understand the meaning of maleficent.

What is maleficent?

Well, it means evil and harmful. Someone who wants to do evil things.

My second yearning was to understand why people become maleficent?

After watching the movie, I understood this one important fact, no one is maleficent! Yes, no one is. It’s the world that makes one maleficent!

In the thirst of power, money, revenge or love people become a certain way.  A way which is not really enjoyed and appreciated by others.

The world around us is beautiful but the people are not all that lovely. Interaction with different type of people, experiences of life, betrayals and hardships teach us a lot. Some come out of them pure as a snow flake while others get blended in the colors of the cruel world and become maleficent.

Fantasy or reality, fairy tale or real life, maleficence is not inborn, it finds its way through some actions and scars left deep in the heart of the maleficent.

It’s truly said, hate the sin and not the sinner and definitely, “Don’t believe the fairy tale!”

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P.S. This post is dedicated to the magnificent movie, “Maleficent” and wonderful “Angelina Jolie“.







  1. worth a read!!! for someone who has walked upon hot ,molten iron and realized the meaning of MOULDING.. there are some who become maleficent and some who can pull the charade off pretty well…like chanakya said..a snake needs to pretend to be venomous even if its not else the world would stamp upon it and walk over.. brilliantly written lady…
    one good thing about your blog is your cocky sense of humor..which is subtle yet brutally true and up in the face…”Pardon my vocabulary, my first yearning was to understand the meaning of maleficent.”..people would relate to it

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    Well Well! Lovely that you gave it a thought…. evil has its beauty in its own way.

    and as it is also truly said “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future” 😉

    I wonder!

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