Happiness – The thumb rule of life!



How many times in our life we feel sad and rejected?

How many situations and actions leave us wounded?

And what do we do about them?

What can we do about them?

Well, I don’t know what you did about them, but I can certainly tell you what you can do about them now.

First you need to repeat with me, “happiness is a compulsion and not an option”.

Ya, right! Say it again and repeat it till you by-heart this new rule of your life.

Happiness is the essence of life. Everyone has different desires in life but all come down to that one little thing, happiness! Everyone wants to feel happy, feel pleased and go to bed smiling every night.

So are you smiling every night when you are off to bed? No, yes? Okay!

Let us try some tricks to help you go to bed smiling every night:

1.Worrying is not an option: I am sure you must have heard this somewhere, “if it can be done, why to worry and if it cannot be done what’s the use of getting worried”. Isn’t this one statement the end of all the worries you have in your mind right now. Act on possible solutions and let go the things that cannot be taken care of.

2.Stop blaming yourself : You are not the master of the universe so please stop taking things personally and blaming yourself for everything happening around. Give yourself a break and let self loath go.

3.Being angry is not a solution: Situations are tricky at times and you are not in the best of your mood and mind but shouting at someone is never a solution. If you can’t cope up with a situation, either explain it to the people peacefully or steer clear of that place.

4.Make peace with your past : You need to give up on what has already happened and make peace with the decisions taken either by you are others in the past. I understand that those decisions affected your life but at least don’t let your past scare away your present.

5. Attempt to please everyone is foolishness: You need to give up on trying to please everyone because trust me you cannot do it all, at the same time. Everyone is different and they have different relation with you which leads to different expectations. If you try to please everyone all the time, you’ll end up being sad and frustrated.

6.Let them have their own perception: What people think of you is not your problem. No, seriously! Trust me. See, even you have your own perceptions about every person you know, so why can’t they have one. You just relax and be yourself!

7.Give up your insecurities: What is yours will always remain yours and whatever and whoever leaves, was never meant to be yours. So give up on all kinds of insecurities and admire what belongs to you forever, that is, YOU!

Always hold in one thing, you are not the only one in the world with situations to handle and people to deal with. Take your time, analyze your options and act on them!

Make yourself feel special and loved, today and always because “happiness is not an option, it’s a compulsion”!


How do you treat yourself? How you handle problems? What is your favorite formula to feel happy and relaxed? Share your experiences with us!

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  1. WOW!! A really nice one. Everything written is so true, but not really that easy to implement in our lives. If we are able to follow these simple, yet so meaningful pointers, it will be a magnanimous positive aura around us. Every point has a fine line between being understood and taken in a wrong or a right way. For example, not pleasing everyone doesn’t applies to our parents… and likewise for other points.

    Its a blog that I would like to make a poster out of and paste is on the ceiling just above my bed so I get to read it every morning when I wake up and each night before I go to sleep!

    Thank you!

    Cheers and Kudos for a really awesome post 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for liking it and making a point that there is a fine line in the this area which can be put as a point in the article “Define your priorities”!
      Thank you so much Ketan, I’ll add it and make the article better. Thanks for your appreciation and contribution.


  2. Whenever you feel down and lost, Just go up to a mirror look up in the eyes of the person who has always been there for you no matter what and that is YOU. Take a deep breath put up yourself and take back what is yours.

    No one is responsible for happiness and miseries in your life except you! love yourself, live yourself!

    (YOBHILO 😛 )

    lovely post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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