Making Google+ More Friendly

Are you still looking forward to avoid Google+??

Do you still feel that you can sail away safe without discovering the waters of Google+???

Let me tell you one thing, I’m personally not a very change friendly person. But being in social media taught me to stay abreast with new tools and technologies and inspired me to experiment.

First and foremost I want to tell you that Google+ is a very lovey, friendly and useful social media platform. And the good news is, it is very EASY to work on, once you try it.

Now you must be wondering, how to get the best out of your Google+ account?

Well, well!! Its not so difficult. Let’s take a sneak peek in these points.

1. Proper Headshot : Always remember, a social media profile is never complete without your profile picture. It’s your identity and your avatar for people out there. So always use a proper picture.

2. Complete your “About” : Complete all the information asked for, in your profile. This includes Story, Work, Education, Basic Information, Links and Contact Information. If you don’t want people to disturb you directly through phone calls, you may avoid, Contact Information field.

3. Show Yourself : It is nice to share other social media profiles on your Google+ account. In “Links” section, give the URL to your website, blog, Twitter , Facebook or any other social media channel on Google+. This makes you more authentic and popular.

4. Cover Photo : Add a cover photo that describes your personality and work in some way. Use high resolution, i.e.,  2120 X 1192 photo.

5. Vanity URL : It’s the personalized URL given by Google+ to you. Here’s the difference between standard and vanity URL:

Standard URL:

Vanity URL :

6. Customize Circles : Google+ gives this wonderful facility of creating circles. This helps you to sort the people according to your relation and approach towards them. Eg: I have circles by the names, Family, Friends, Social Media, Marketing, Writing, Interesting People, etc.

This helps you to easily target the people or circles when you share something.

7. Join Communities : Google+ has a huge swarm of communities on all kinds of topics. Pick your interests and join them. Always remember, in social media, people want to see both your professional and personal side, just like in real life. So join the communities that are related to both, your profession and your interests.

8. Add People : Once you are set with the look and feel of your profile, start adding people that resonate with your interests and profession. Don’t forget to put them in the right circle.

9. Interact: Social media is all about communication and interaction.

  • Post something nice daily,
  • Share other people’s stuff,
  • Comment and +1 (like),
  • Thank the people who add you,
  • Compliment the people whom you add,
  • Mention people in comments, posts, shares, etc, whenever possible.

It’s all about breaking the ice and showing your presence.

10. Best Friends – “Google+ & Pinterest” : I already asked you to share other social media URLs but trust me when it comes to these two, it’s almost a must. Do link your Google+ and Pinterest account. They both support images of same resolution and create traffic on both the pages.

Hope after going through these points you find Google+ friendlier and easier to work with. So what are you waiting for? Just grab your laptop and start right away. Believe me, you’ll love it.

What you like the best about Google+? What more will you like to know? How can I help you to make your Google+ experience better? Do share your views and queries. 


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