Is rebranding really important? Well, I say yes!

With time when you tend to change the fashion of your clothes, interior of your house and your favorite restaurants then why shouldn’t you change the look and feel of your company?

So what exactly is rebranding and why is it so important?

In a market full of competition, it is a challenge to stand apart and get attention of your customers all the time. You have to be moving and doing something new to get noticed.

Rebranding is more like refreshing your brand. It is the easiest way to show the world that the company is moving ahead.

Look at the big players of the market, they understand the value of rebranding very well and use it time to time. Whether it is Apple, Facebook, Starbucks or British Petroleum!Everyone has rebranded themselves to evolve with time and needs of the brand.

Change is the essence of life and like everything else, people love to see some change in their favorite brands also. Now the question is, when should you rebrand your company?

There can be innumerable reasons for rebranding your company, like:

  1. New products/service- Your company is introducing a new line of products or expanding its services. Eg: Coca- Cola started Diet Coke and Coke Zero.
  2. Partnership- Your company has started or  has dissolved its partnership with another company. Eg: Hero and Honda got into partnership and became HeroHonda and now they have dissolved the partnership.
  3. Merge- Your company has taken over or has merged into another company. Eg: Nokia has merged with Microsoft.
  4. Sister branch- Your company is starting or closing a sister branch. Eg: Levis started Signature.
  5. Changing name- Your company is changing its name. Eg: Signature was renamed as Denizen. 
  6. Reputation management- Your company has suffered a bad reputation or a scandal.
  7. Renovation- Since the original brand was conceptualized long back, it is time for change and improvisation.

Whatever the reason may be, rebranding is like SPRING TIME for your company.

What all can be done for rebranding?

Once you are sure why you want to rebrand your company, it’s time to focus on what you can do to rebrand your company. Some of the ways are:

  1. Logo- Change in the logo design.
  2. Website- Change in the website design and layout.
  3. Content- Adding or changing content to your company website.
  4. Advertising- Publishing banners, posters and classified ads to introduce new changes of the company.
  5. Social media- Adding fresh blog posts, infographics, videos and posts in your social media profiles to signify the developments and changes.

Always remember, there is something new you can always do to reinvent yourself and make your existing and potential customers sit up and notice you. So if you still feel that your company doesn’t need rebranding, reconsider!

Rebranding is not losing your identity, it is redefining it.

What is the one thing that you will like to change about your company ? What more do you think can be added to ways of rebranding ? Share your views and ideas.

Originally shared on Machus Media.



  1. In re-branding, it is important that employee training (or retraining) be taken into consideration so that their actions align with the new direction that the company is taking. This is particularly useful when doing reputation management.


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