8 lessons to learn from Fairy tales & Fantasies

Fairy tales and fantasies may seem to belong in the children’s world but they teach great lessons of life.

They teach us to believe and trust. They teach us to love and smile. They bring hope and sunshine. Everything about them may not be true but if noticed, there are deeper meanings to all those stories.

These are a few great lessons that I have learned from fantasies and fairy tales:

True love exists in many forms.


We write our own destiny.

Tapeta Brave 3D (created full3d)

There is no age to fulfill our dreams.


Believe in yourself.


Miracles happen.


It’s the heart that is beautiful, not the face.

images (1)

There is a story behind every evil. Nobody is a born maleficent.

images (2)

True friends always love you unconditionally for who you are.


Maybe they are called fantasies, cartoons or fairy tales, but I believe that they have the lessons that can make us better people and our lives a lot happier.

Which is your favorite story? What have you learnt from it? Share your views with me.

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