Pablo: An Easy and Free Designing Tool by Buffer

pablo (1)

Tickle your creativity a little more with this new tool.

Pablo, an image creation tool by Buffer is a nice and easy way to create new designs for your social media posts.

I’m an ardent fan of Buffer and with this new creation of theirs I have become even a bigger admirer of Buffer.

Pablo is not only fast and easy, it’s also FREE! Oh yes! It is.

Moreover, you don’t even need a Buffer account to start creating images with text. But if you want one you can use your Facebook or Twitter account.

Now let’s take a sneak peek in the features of Pablo:

  1. Pablo has a stock images that you can use and it also allows you to upload JPEG and PNG images.
  2. The images can be changed from Normal to Blurred and Black&White, according to your needs.
  3. There are two text fields, Main and Secondary.
  4. You can change the fonts, font size and the color of the font in the Main field.
  5. For uploading icons, it’s best to use a PNG with an alpha channel.
  6. The images can be downloaded or sent to Facebook, Twitter or to your Buffer account directly.

Buffer believes that Pablo can be used for more than just posting images with quotes. It can also be used to sell items, create event invites and other image-based notices that you would normally need to use a dedicated image app for.

So what are you waiting for?

Let your imagination fly and let your creativity take your brand and marketing to new levels with all new PABLO by our very own BUFFER!

P.S. The image I have used for this blog post is created on Pablo using one of its stock images.

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One comment

  1. Its a great tool! Not only for social media folks but also for that general class of internet users who relish creating their own graphics whenever they post anything, anywhere on the internet; rather than downloading “free” graphics from google 🙂
    I will start using Pablo right away! Thanks 🙂


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