Weekly Round-up of Social Media


Social Media

Social media is the rage these days. We rely on social media so much now that our business to personal life gets affected by it. In fact it has become the life line of business and branding.

Social media is vast and have power. It’s a blend of right techniques, strategies, visual content, written content, analysis, tools and lots of experimenting.

For these reason I welcome you to my weekly round-up of social media that can make you become a champ in all the areas of social media.

 Here’s my dose of techniques for you. Try one, try all.

 Social Media

Starting with the basics. We all want to have a Facebook Page and we all want to grow our business using it.  Do you know there are many ways beyond just simply posting updates. Social Media Examiner is flashing light on those possibilities for us.

Grow your business with Facebook Page


Content has many colors and one of the vibrant color of content world is content curation. Content curation is an art. Oh yes, it is. After curating content for more than 2 years, I can say that. I may not be an expert but here are the tips from one of my favorites, Peg Fitzpatrick via Sprout Social on content curation.

How to curate content?

Visual Strategy

How can we leave out visual strategy when visual content is the most shareable content on social media in all forms. Do you want to earn a few brownie points? Here are the strategies by badass Andrea Beltrami. She’s my favorite when it comes to all things visual.

Visual Marketing Strategies

Tool of the Week

We all need tools to make our work quick and smart on social media. Since audience are the most important part of our toss and toil, here’s Nimble, a great CRM tool for you.

Want to know how it works? Checkout this video.

Nimble: Your Social CRM

Infographic of the week

For this week I chose the Hubspot’s infographic on using exclamation mark. Oh! Yes!Yay! Okay, cut it out!

Saw those unnecessary exclamation marks? Well, you avoid such mistakes and learn to use them wisely.

Writing Tips


This is it for the week. Hope you found something useful here. If you have any favorite content, that you feel can be useful for our social media smarties, feel free to post its link below in the comment. 




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