Weekly Social Media Roundup – 30th May

Social Media, weekly roundup.

Hey everyone. This week I have been busy with new project and some content marketing.

How was your week? Did you learn something new?

Even if not, here’s your social media roundup to learn something new.

As always, try one, try all. 😉

Social Media

Today we’re learning some new ways of targeting the Facebook ads. In this article Social Media Examiner has given us 6 ways to target specific groups and people. You may experiment with one or all and see what suits you the best.

Target with Facebook Ads



Influencers of our niche are our V.I.P.s. We want to attract them. We want to be appreciated and noticed by them. But do you know how?

Buffer explains it all.

Create content that your VIPs will share


Visual Strategy

DIY Design Hacks. Yes, you got it right. This one is the extract of webinar that Peg and Hubspot had. If you want to design some stunning images yourself, then this is a must read.

How to use Visual Marketing?


Tool of the Week

Now comes the tool of the week . Like every week, we again have Ian Cleary, this time telling us all about IFTTT. This is one magical tool that makes your life easy and your work fast.

Using IFTTT for social media automation


Infographic of the week

Top Hat Rank has given us the infographic of the week. This infographic describes blog post  optimization techniques in great detail.

SEO techniques


This was it for the week. Hope you liked the articles. Try them out and don’t forget to share any piece of content or advice by commenting below.



Hey! What have you got to share?

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