I am one of a kind…..Another like me is hard to find!

Social Media Strategist & Content Marketer/Writer at Machus Media and part-time Personal/Relationship Counselor (Life Coach).

In love with weaving ideas and imagination with words, social media, my family, life and spirituality, I’m a  person who always looks at the sunny side of life. I wear many hats and  have many quills and ink-pots, so you can  always find variety in my work.

I’m an expert in product/company and personal branding.

I am a results-oriented professional, skilled at inspiring individuals and companies to incorporate their marketing and branding efforts with a social media marketing and social branding strategy.

I work to assist business owners and professionals with their personal and company branding, helping them capitalize on the power of social media.

I work with:

✓ BRANDS & BUSINESSES – Companies who want to maximize their online activities to increase visibility and profitability. I advise, consult, and implement a result oriented social media strategy.

✓ PROFESSIONALS & ENTREPRENEURS – People looking forward to build their personal brand. I help them create the influence and impact to be seen as the leading EXPERT in their niche.

✓ CAMPAIGN & EVENT PLANNING –  People and companies looking for a large engagement through a campaign or an event. I create engaging & attracting social media strategy that calls the audience to take an action.

I also have significant experience in personal  and relationship counseling/coaching. So whether it is your personal life or professional, I can make you a STAR and  create MAGIC in your world.  You can always contact me for business and guidance. Never hesitate, I’m here to help!

Drop an email on  regarding counseling and azad.khushboo@gmail.com for business.

Love to all….. Khushii 🙂






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