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Social Media Strategist & Content Marketer/Writer by profession. Life and Relationship Coach by passion. Weaving ideas and imagination with words is my favorite work. I wear many hats and have many quills dipped in several ink-pots, so you can always find variety and colors in my work. I'm a foodie & avid reader! A die-hard dog and ice-cream lover. I enjoy dancing, luxury traveling, shopping (dresses and footwear), yoga, psychology, astrology, numerology & chess! My philosophy is, "Our life is what our thoughts make it"!!! I’m an expert in product/company and personal branding. You can see me as a results-oriented professional, skilled at inspiring individuals and companies to incorporate their marketing and branding efforts with a social media marketing and social branding strategy. I work to assist business owners and professionals with their personal and company branding, helping them capitalize on the power of social media. I work with: ✓ BRANDS & BUSINESSES – Companies who want to maximize their online activities to increase visibility and profitability. I advise, consult, and implement a result oriented social media strategy. ✓ PROFESSIONALS & ENTREPRENEURS – People looking forward to build their personal brand. I help them create the influence and impact to be seen as the leading EXPERT in their niche. ✓ CAMPAIGN & EVENT PLANNING – People and companies looking for a large engagement through a campaign or an event. I create engaging & attracting social media strategy that calls the audience to take an action. I also have significant experience in personal and relationship coaching. If you cannot see what's bright in your life, come to me and I'll show you, your Sun, Moon and Stars. I'm here to make you a STAR and create MAGIC in your life. You can always contact me for business and guidance. Drop an email on regarding counseling and for business.

Believe in Yourself


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The attitude of gratitude is the magic that creates wonders.

Doesn’t matter where you’re stuck in your life today, there is always a better tomorrow for those who can show some gratitude before sleeping every night.

The more you believe the more you experience the miracles.




Social Media


Hey all! How was the week? Mine was super fun and super busy.

It’s correctly said, “when you’re busy, you’re growing”.

My busy schedule always had the scoops of curation and here’s the best of it.

As always, try one, try all. 😉


Social Media

Social media is widely used for business. Of course, what am I saying, you know this.

But do you know how you can use Google Plus Collections for your business? Well, that’s what this article by Social Media Examiner is all about. Learn to create different collections for your differents follower interests. Whether it’s tips or campaigns, freebies or promotions, everything can fit somewhere. 😉

Google Plus Collections For Business



Blogging is the most updated form of content these days. Your website may have the same content for long, your press release may have the same pattern, but your blog post is always different and refreshing. Right?

Do you know what it takes to be a great blogger? Let’s learn it all with Rebekah Radice.

How to be a great blogger?


Visual Strategy

This one’s my personal favorite of the week. I never had so much knowledge about fonts or what should be actually called typefaces. Whether it’s their structure or their impact on your work, here’re all the answers. Learn all things fonts with Andrea Beltrami.

Fonts Done Right


Tool of the Week

The tool of this week, Flipboard, is very interesting. It’s more like having a personalized newspaper or magazine. You can collect everything you like and save it in your Flipboard. You can subscribe to other people’s Flipboard magazine and they can to yours.

Isn’t this interesting? If you also want your personalized magazine, learn everything about Flipboard from our tools expert Ian Cleary.

Flipboard – Your Personalized Magazine


Infographic of the week

Social Media is forever changing  and we need to be always updated with the latest. Here’s the infographic of the week telling you all about the image sizes for top 7 social networks.

Infographic source:

Social Media Image Sizes


This was it for the week. Hope you enjoyed the articles. Try them out and don’t forget to share them with your friends. Will love to here from you. Drop a comment below.


Weekly Social Media Roundup – 30th May

Social Media, weekly roundup.

Hey everyone. This week I have been busy with new project and some content marketing.

How was your week? Did you learn something new?

Even if not, here’s your social media roundup to learn something new.

As always, try one, try all. 😉

Social Media

Today we’re learning some new ways of targeting the Facebook ads. In this article Social Media Examiner has given us 6 ways to target specific groups and people. You may experiment with one or all and see what suits you the best.

Target with Facebook Ads



Influencers of our niche are our V.I.P.s. We want to attract them. We want to be appreciated and noticed by them. But do you know how?

Buffer explains it all.

Create content that your VIPs will share


Visual Strategy

DIY Design Hacks. Yes, you got it right. This one is the extract of webinar that Peg and Hubspot had. If you want to design some stunning images yourself, then this is a must read.

How to use Visual Marketing?


Tool of the Week

Now comes the tool of the week . Like every week, we again have Ian Cleary, this time telling us all about IFTTT. This is one magical tool that makes your life easy and your work fast.

Using IFTTT for social media automation


Infographic of the week

Top Hat Rank has given us the infographic of the week. This infographic describes blog post  optimization techniques in great detail.

SEO techniques


This was it for the week. Hope you liked the articles. Try them out and don’t forget to share any piece of content or advice by commenting below.