Believe in Yourself


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Create Magic

“Illusions can be created with tricks. If you truly want to engender magic, become a wizard!”


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Love yourself!


Today I want to simply ask you something,

Do you feel you love yourself enough?

Do you treat yourself the way you want others to treat you?

Do you love your work, your body, your life, yourself?

If yes, then, awesome, you are a ROCK STAR!

If not? Why?

Don’t you think before anyone in this world, it’s your duty to love yourself and treat yourself in the best possible way. If you can’t love what is in you, how do you expect others to love it about you? If you can’t love yourself, how will you ever love someone else?

Start it today!

You are UNIQUE! First of all, never compare yourself to anyone else. God made you this way for a reason. He has a plan for you and he wants you to get the best out of yourself and your life.

Don’t make their perception, yours. Those people around you have never been in your shoes. They have not lived your life and not dealt with your situations. They don’t feel the way you feel neither do they think your way. Their opinion should matter as little as their knowledge of you and your life.

Love your flaws! Without them you won’t be as unique as you are now. Your qualities and your flaws together make you the diva you are. So start accepting them.

Forgive yourself! There is not a single human being who has not done something bad. So please for the sake of life, forgive yourself. It is normal to be bad at times. You can’t keep everyone happy in this world. You are a human, don’t try to act like an angel.

Let bygones be bygones! Done keep brushing your mind through your past especially if it was sad. It is the very favorite human tendency to always look into the past and brood on the pain and mistakes. Take a lesson, smile that it is over, and move on.

Start adoring yourself! Respect what you do. Admire your qualities. Be proud of what you are and what you have achieved in life. Even winning a game is special, even bring in a salary every month is special.

Admire your beauty! Trust me, everyone is beautiful. Take care of your skin and hair. Dress beautifully, treat yourself with your favorite food and buy yourself some lovely gifts.

Enjoy your own company! Get yourself flowers and chocolates, read your favorite books, listen to your favorite music, dance with yourself and smile because God has gifted you with a life which is too precious to be wasted without adoring and loving yourself.

How others see you is the exact reflection of how you see yourself. If you see in yourself a confident and outstanding person, not even the angels of the heaven can take you for granted.

Know yourself,

Like yourself,

Love yourself,

BE yourself!

You are too SPECIAL! And it is your life……make it LARGE!



A Problem or An Opportunity? ‎

Everyone of us come across the situations in our lives, we call, “PROBLEM”! So how does it sounds to you? Scary? Worrisome? Challenging?  This seven alphabet word, scares a hell out of us. Different situations create different problems for different individuals. What maybe a problem for you is not a problem for me but then something else is a problem for me. But some problem is there in everyone’s life.

So what can we do?

What if we just do a little tweaking in our vocabulary and call it an OPPORTUNITY? An opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to improve, an opportunity to meet some new people, an opportunity to fix something we messed up,  an opportunity to improve a situation, an opportunity to improve a relation or an opportunity to learn a lesson in our life.

There can be many kinds of problems and so we can have many kinds of opportunities. I don’t like to even call them challenges. I feel that the word “challenge” again fills us up with some kind of rage and ego issues while the word opportunity is like a hope; it only brings happiness and excitement.

The only thing we have to take into consideration is to have an optimistic approach and we can see the magic!

Now you must be feeling….yeah ,yeah…’s easy to babble around such stuff! To preach is easier than to follow!

Oh yes, you are correct!

But here what I am doing is not babbling or preaching. Here I am introducing you to your other side. The other side which is ready to learn and grow and stand taller after everything has happened. When I ask you to take up your problems as opportunities, I try to introduce you to your own side which is enthusiastic, optimistic, responsible, forgiving and focused. In my office when I develop some new content or make new social media strategy and my boss doesn’t agrees to it or asks me to add something more to it, I never feel frustrated. I am always happy to know that I have an opportunity to learn a new way of writing or I have an opportunity to learn something more about social media marketing. Isn’t this an easier approach?

I am not asking you to take all the burden on your shoulders or take the blame for others. Of course that won’t be right. Every coin has two sides. If you should not take someone’s credit, you need not take their share of blame upon you as well. But you can be the solution provider. You can always take the credit of fixing the situation.

Moreover you can always be the person who makes everyone’s life better including your own. The moment you become the solution provider, you not only conquer your fears but you also start manifesting better things in life. You get aligned with universe and start fulfilling all your dreams.

So the next time you have a problem, just smile and say, aaha! an OPPORTUNITY! 😉



What is Valentine for You?

downloadWhat is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Valentine? Is it chocolates, roses, candles or is it the romance in the air? I find all of them fake. Not that you should not celebrate Valentine’s Day or you should not make your partner feel special but are you sure what you are doing is a feeling and not a fashion? Are you sure what you are doing comes straight from your heart? Being a Relationship Counselor I have seen relations. I have witnessed broken hearts and broken dreams. I have closely examined them and I have found that in most of the relations the feeling of love and care are so superficial that people cannot differentiate between habit and love.

Yes this will surprise you but 80 out of 100 couples are together not because they are made for each other but because they have developed a habit or addiction for each other. This is not love. Love is to respect and appreciate your partner. It is not to make him or her feel special on a particular day but it is to feel special every moment in each others presence. To many it may sound funny but trust me if it is not like this with you, then I am afraid you haven’t really experienced love and the passion of love.

Though I never say that good couples don’t have differences and arguments but in their case the problems are solved quickly and they keep enjoying their togetherness. For them problems are just tests and differences are complements. In all relationships problems do not arise because there are difficulties, problems arise when there is lack of trust, jealousy, domination, judgmental attitude and nonacceptance of the person for who he or she is. Sometimes even the best of the couples have to change to a certain level for each other but those changes come so effortlessly out of mutual love and respect that they consider them as improvements in themselves and not compromises.

If we can really be ourselves with our partners and accept them for who they are, then my dear we are in a true relationship. A relationship that lives for eternity and even beyond it. The one which starts at the heart, goes on with the life and ends at the soul to meet again in the next life…..