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Weekly Round-up of Social Media


Social Media

Social media is the rage these days. We rely on social media so much now that our business to personal life gets affected by it. In fact it has become the life line of business and branding.

Social media is vast and have power. It’s a blend of right techniques, strategies, visual content, written content, analysis, tools and lots of experimenting.

For these reason I welcome you to my weekly round-up of social media that can make you become a champ in all the areas of social media.

 Here’s my dose of techniques for you. Try one, try all.

 Social Media

Starting with the basics. We all want to have a Facebook Page and we all want to grow our business using it.  Do you know there are many ways beyond just simply posting updates. Social Media Examiner is flashing light on those possibilities for us.

Grow your business with Facebook Page


Content has many colors and one of the vibrant color of content world is content curation. Content curation is an art. Oh yes, it is. After curating content for more than 2 years, I can say that. I may not be an expert but here are the tips from one of my favorites, Peg Fitzpatrick via Sprout Social on content curation.

How to curate content?

Visual Strategy

How can we leave out visual strategy when visual content is the most shareable content on social media in all forms. Do you want to earn a few brownie points? Here are the strategies by badass Andrea Beltrami. She’s my favorite when it comes to all things visual.

Visual Marketing Strategies

Tool of the Week

We all need tools to make our work quick and smart on social media. Since audience are the most important part of our toss and toil, here’s Nimble, a great CRM tool for you.

Want to know how it works? Checkout this video.

Nimble: Your Social CRM

Infographic of the week

For this week I chose the Hubspot’s infographic on using exclamation mark. Oh! Yes!Yay! Okay, cut it out!

Saw those unnecessary exclamation marks? Well, you avoid such mistakes and learn to use them wisely.

Writing Tips


This is it for the week. Hope you found something useful here. If you have any favorite content, that you feel can be useful for our social media smarties, feel free to post its link below in the comment. 



Pablo: An Easy and Free Designing Tool by Buffer

pablo (1)

Tickle your creativity a little more with this new tool.

Pablo, an image creation tool by Buffer is a nice and easy way to create new designs for your social media posts.

I’m an ardent fan of Buffer and with this new creation of theirs I have become even a bigger admirer of Buffer.

Pablo is not only fast and easy, it’s also FREE! Oh yes! It is.

Moreover, you don’t even need a Buffer account to start creating images with text. But if you want one you can use your Facebook or Twitter account.

Now let’s take a sneak peek in the features of Pablo:

  1. Pablo has a stock images that you can use and it also allows you to upload JPEG and PNG images.
  2. The images can be changed from Normal to Blurred and Black&White, according to your needs.
  3. There are two text fields, Main and Secondary.
  4. You can change the fonts, font size and the color of the font in the Main field.
  5. For uploading icons, it’s best to use a PNG with an alpha channel.
  6. The images can be downloaded or sent to Facebook, Twitter or to your Buffer account directly.

Buffer believes that Pablo can be used for more than just posting images with quotes. It can also be used to sell items, create event invites and other image-based notices that you would normally need to use a dedicated image app for.

So what are you waiting for?

Let your imagination fly and let your creativity take your brand and marketing to new levels with all new PABLO by our very own BUFFER!

P.S. The image I have used for this blog post is created on Pablo using one of its stock images.

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Is rebranding really important? Well, I say yes!

With time when you tend to change the fashion of your clothes, interior of your house and your favorite restaurants then why shouldn’t you change the look and feel of your company?

So what exactly is rebranding and why is it so important?

In a market full of competition, it is a challenge to stand apart and get attention of your customers all the time. You have to be moving and doing something new to get noticed.

Rebranding is more like refreshing your brand. It is the easiest way to show the world that the company is moving ahead.

Look at the big players of the market, they understand the value of rebranding very well and use it time to time. Whether it is Apple, Facebook, Starbucks or British Petroleum!Everyone has rebranded themselves to evolve with time and needs of the brand.

Change is the essence of life and like everything else, people love to see some change in their favorite brands also. Now the question is, when should you rebrand your company?

There can be innumerable reasons for rebranding your company, like:

  1. New products/service- Your company is introducing a new line of products or expanding its services. Eg: Coca- Cola started Diet Coke and Coke Zero.
  2. Partnership- Your company has started or  has dissolved its partnership with another company. Eg: Hero and Honda got into partnership and became HeroHonda and now they have dissolved the partnership.
  3. Merge- Your company has taken over or has merged into another company. Eg: Nokia has merged with Microsoft.
  4. Sister branch- Your company is starting or closing a sister branch. Eg: Levis started Signature.
  5. Changing name- Your company is changing its name. Eg: Signature was renamed as Denizen. 
  6. Reputation management- Your company has suffered a bad reputation or a scandal.
  7. Renovation- Since the original brand was conceptualized long back, it is time for change and improvisation.

Whatever the reason may be, rebranding is like SPRING TIME for your company.

What all can be done for rebranding?

Once you are sure why you want to rebrand your company, it’s time to focus on what you can do to rebrand your company. Some of the ways are:

  1. Logo- Change in the logo design.
  2. Website- Change in the website design and layout.
  3. Content- Adding or changing content to your company website.
  4. Advertising- Publishing banners, posters and classified ads to introduce new changes of the company.
  5. Social media- Adding fresh blog posts, infographics, videos and posts in your social media profiles to signify the developments and changes.

Always remember, there is something new you can always do to reinvent yourself and make your existing and potential customers sit up and notice you. So if you still feel that your company doesn’t need rebranding, reconsider!

Rebranding is not losing your identity, it is redefining it.

What is the one thing that you will like to change about your company ? What more do you think can be added to ways of rebranding ? Share your views and ideas.

Originally shared on Machus Media.

Making Google+ More Friendly

Are you still looking forward to avoid Google+??

Do you still feel that you can sail away safe without discovering the waters of Google+???

Let me tell you one thing, I’m personally not a very change friendly person. But being in social media taught me to stay abreast with new tools and technologies and inspired me to experiment.

First and foremost I want to tell you that Google+ is a very lovey, friendly and useful social media platform. And the good news is, it is very EASY to work on, once you try it.

Now you must be wondering, how to get the best out of your Google+ account?

Well, well!! Its not so difficult. Let’s take a sneak peek in these points.

1. Proper Headshot : Always remember, a social media profile is never complete without your profile picture. It’s your identity and your avatar for people out there. So always use a proper picture.

2. Complete your “About” : Complete all the information asked for, in your profile. This includes Story, Work, Education, Basic Information, Links and Contact Information. If you don’t want people to disturb you directly through phone calls, you may avoid, Contact Information field.

3. Show Yourself : It is nice to share other social media profiles on your Google+ account. In “Links” section, give the URL to your website, blog, Twitter , Facebook or any other social media channel on Google+. This makes you more authentic and popular.

4. Cover Photo : Add a cover photo that describes your personality and work in some way. Use high resolution, i.e.,  2120 X 1192 photo.

5. Vanity URL : It’s the personalized URL given by Google+ to you. Here’s the difference between standard and vanity URL:

Standard URL:

Vanity URL :

6. Customize Circles : Google+ gives this wonderful facility of creating circles. This helps you to sort the people according to your relation and approach towards them. Eg: I have circles by the names, Family, Friends, Social Media, Marketing, Writing, Interesting People, etc.

This helps you to easily target the people or circles when you share something.

7. Join Communities : Google+ has a huge swarm of communities on all kinds of topics. Pick your interests and join them. Always remember, in social media, people want to see both your professional and personal side, just like in real life. So join the communities that are related to both, your profession and your interests.

8. Add People : Once you are set with the look and feel of your profile, start adding people that resonate with your interests and profession. Don’t forget to put them in the right circle.

9. Interact: Social media is all about communication and interaction.

  • Post something nice daily,
  • Share other people’s stuff,
  • Comment and +1 (like),
  • Thank the people who add you,
  • Compliment the people whom you add,
  • Mention people in comments, posts, shares, etc, whenever possible.

It’s all about breaking the ice and showing your presence.

10. Best Friends – “Google+ & Pinterest” : I already asked you to share other social media URLs but trust me when it comes to these two, it’s almost a must. Do link your Google+ and Pinterest account. They both support images of same resolution and create traffic on both the pages.

Hope after going through these points you find Google+ friendlier and easier to work with. So what are you waiting for? Just grab your laptop and start right away. Believe me, you’ll love it.

What you like the best about Google+? What more will you like to know? How can I help you to make your Google+ experience better? Do share your views and queries. 


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6 Basic Rules of Social Media Engagement

How to get more likes, followers and shares? How to engage the masses?

Being a part of social media I know this is one question that keeps on bugging us all the time. We all want more likes, more re-tweets, more appreciation! Humans are not just social animals, humans are social animals who take pride in mass engagement and feel fulfilled when people like and appreciate them.

Social media is no different. Just like in our routine life, we want people on social platforms to like and talk about us, to praise our approach and to appreciate our efforts and ideas.

But how to become more visible and build an online presence which engages people?

Well, let me help you with a few feathers from my social media hat! 😉

6 rules of engaging masses on Social Media

1. Be creative When it comes to social media you have to be original, current and impressive. Try to choose a topic which is the flavor of the month and present your creative and original views on it. If you are not much into current things then you can choose anything that you are good at. There is no dearth of people who like the same thing throughout the world. Eg: Talk about dogs, ice-cream, coffee, love, spirituality. The topics are endless. You just need to find your niche.

2. Get right audience- Once you know what are your powers, choose the right social media platforms and add, follow and make friends with the people who share and appreciate the same interests. Also make sure to join and follow the similar groups, communities and pages. Eg: It won’t be really great if you talk about ice-creams on LinkedIn, unless you are targeting Baskin Robbins on LinkedIn.

3. Go viral- As I mentioned in my previous article, be active on around three social platforms at a time and whatever you have, post it on all of them. We have many different followers and people on different platforms and it’s always recommended to go out and post everywhere. Not to mention, post your work on the right groups and communities as well.  Eg: If you are a photographer with a blog post or a photo of your recent work, submit it on the photography related communities on Facebook and Google plus together with your own profile.

4. Be on time- “It’s always the right time!” Well, it is. But not exactly when it comes to social media. Different countries and different platforms have different time of mass engagement. Make sure you try to understand it and post accordingly. It needs a little observations.  Eg: If your friends and followers are more active in afternoon, post your work in the afternoon. If weekend has most engagement, keep your best work saved for Saturdays and Sundays. 

5. Be visual- Visualization, social bookmarking and videos have become an integral part of social media. Make your article, post and tweet more visual by adding an image or a video in it. Eg: You can see, I have added an image to this post. 

6. Use influence- Now everyone knows the magic of influence and influential people, sources and links. So never leave a chance of linking back, using hashtags and mentioning the people or sources (@name , +name). It’s always nice to take advantage of marketing but make sure it doesn’t become overwhelming. Eg: You can use one link, one mention and two hashtags in a post or a tweet. When it comes to an article, you can use one back link, 2-3 categories and a few relevant tags. This is like a healthy and balanced social media marketing diet.

So, all set?

I’m sure if you keep all these points in mind, slowly and gradually your engagement with masses will increase and soon you’ll get the attention and appreciation you deserve!

How you like to engage with masses? What all you do to get the most attention? Let me know if we can improve this article with some ideas?

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