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Hey all! How was the week? Mine was super fun and super busy.

It’s correctly said, “when you’re busy, you’re growing”.

My busy schedule always had the scoops of curation and here’s the best of it.

As always, try one, try all. 😉


Social Media

Social media is widely used for business. Of course, what am I saying, you know this.

But do you know how you can use Google Plus Collections for your business? Well, that’s what this article by Social Media Examiner is all about. Learn to create different collections for your differents follower interests. Whether it’s tips or campaigns, freebies or promotions, everything can fit somewhere. 😉

Google Plus Collections For Business



Blogging is the most updated form of content these days. Your website may have the same content for long, your press release may have the same pattern, but your blog post is always different and refreshing. Right?

Do you know what it takes to be a great blogger? Let’s learn it all with Rebekah Radice.

How to be a great blogger?


Visual Strategy

This one’s my personal favorite of the week. I never had so much knowledge about fonts or what should be actually called typefaces. Whether it’s their structure or their impact on your work, here’re all the answers. Learn all things fonts with Andrea Beltrami.

Fonts Done Right


Tool of the Week

The tool of this week, Flipboard, is very interesting. It’s more like having a personalized newspaper or magazine. You can collect everything you like and save it in your Flipboard. You can subscribe to other people’s Flipboard magazine and they can to yours.

Isn’t this interesting? If you also want your personalized magazine, learn everything about Flipboard from our tools expert Ian Cleary.

Flipboard – Your Personalized Magazine


Infographic of the week

Social Media is forever changing  and we need to be always updated with the latest. Here’s the infographic of the week telling you all about the image sizes for top 7 social networks.

Infographic source:

Social Media Image Sizes


This was it for the week. Hope you enjoyed the articles. Try them out and don’t forget to share them with your friends. Will love to here from you. Drop a comment below.



Weekly Social Media Roundup

Social Media

Hey everyone, hope you had a great week.

For me it was a lot of fun. I hopscotched around, new tools, designs, posts and a lot of curation.

It helped me to get some knowledge nuggets for our weekly roundup too. Yay!

 So here’re the chosen articles for this week’s social media roundup.


As I mentioned before, try one, try all.

 Social Media

Social media is not just one thing. It’s a constellation of many stars. This week we are here to find a perfect social media marketing mix for you with Rebekah Radice.

Perfect social media marketing mix.



“Hail to the king”

Sure, content remains the king forever when it comes to social media marketing. Whether it’s website content, post crafting, articles, blogs or even images. Nothing rolls out well without some impressive words. That’s why we have Rebekah Radice, once again, focusing on building a successful business blog.

 Build a successful business blog.


Visual Strategy

Visual strategy is everyone’s favorite. After all, this is the place we try all our crazy ideas. Are you ready to learn some new crazy ideas about YouTube by my favorite badass Andrea Beltrami?

 Learn great YouTube Strategies.


Tool of the Week

When it comes to tools and apps who scores better than Ian Cleary from RazorSocial? After hearing a lot about Meerkat and Periscope, this is the article that gave me the real taste of both the apps. A must read.

 Meerkat and Periscope: Live video streaming.


 Infographic of the week

 For this week I chose Buffer’s infographic on Pinterest Timing and Frequency.

I must say since Buffer has started Pinterest buffering, it’s paying a lot of heed to Pinterest.

Oh yes, now you can schedule pins from Buffer. If you haven’t tried yet, then go and have some fun today but first see what they have to say about pinning.

Pinterest Marketing


This is it for the week. Hope you found something interesting here. Try them out and if you have any favorite content, useful for our social media smarties, do share its link below in the comment. 



Weekly Round-up of Social Media


Social Media

Social media is the rage these days. We rely on social media so much now that our business to personal life gets affected by it. In fact it has become the life line of business and branding.

Social media is vast and have power. It’s a blend of right techniques, strategies, visual content, written content, analysis, tools and lots of experimenting.

For these reason I welcome you to my weekly round-up of social media that can make you become a champ in all the areas of social media.

 Here’s my dose of techniques for you. Try one, try all.

 Social Media

Starting with the basics. We all want to have a Facebook Page and we all want to grow our business using it.  Do you know there are many ways beyond just simply posting updates. Social Media Examiner is flashing light on those possibilities for us.

Grow your business with Facebook Page


Content has many colors and one of the vibrant color of content world is content curation. Content curation is an art. Oh yes, it is. After curating content for more than 2 years, I can say that. I may not be an expert but here are the tips from one of my favorites, Peg Fitzpatrick via Sprout Social on content curation.

How to curate content?

Visual Strategy

How can we leave out visual strategy when visual content is the most shareable content on social media in all forms. Do you want to earn a few brownie points? Here are the strategies by badass Andrea Beltrami. She’s my favorite when it comes to all things visual.

Visual Marketing Strategies

Tool of the Week

We all need tools to make our work quick and smart on social media. Since audience are the most important part of our toss and toil, here’s Nimble, a great CRM tool for you.

Want to know how it works? Checkout this video.

Nimble: Your Social CRM

Infographic of the week

For this week I chose the Hubspot’s infographic on using exclamation mark. Oh! Yes!Yay! Okay, cut it out!

Saw those unnecessary exclamation marks? Well, you avoid such mistakes and learn to use them wisely.

Writing Tips


This is it for the week. Hope you found something useful here. If you have any favorite content, that you feel can be useful for our social media smarties, feel free to post its link below in the comment. 


Pablo: An Easy and Free Designing Tool by Buffer

pablo (1)

Tickle your creativity a little more with this new tool.

Pablo, an image creation tool by Buffer is a nice and easy way to create new designs for your social media posts.

I’m an ardent fan of Buffer and with this new creation of theirs I have become even a bigger admirer of Buffer.

Pablo is not only fast and easy, it’s also FREE! Oh yes! It is.

Moreover, you don’t even need a Buffer account to start creating images with text. But if you want one you can use your Facebook or Twitter account.

Now let’s take a sneak peek in the features of Pablo:

  1. Pablo has a stock images that you can use and it also allows you to upload JPEG and PNG images.
  2. The images can be changed from Normal to Blurred and Black&White, according to your needs.
  3. There are two text fields, Main and Secondary.
  4. You can change the fonts, font size and the color of the font in the Main field.
  5. For uploading icons, it’s best to use a PNG with an alpha channel.
  6. The images can be downloaded or sent to Facebook, Twitter or to your Buffer account directly.

Buffer believes that Pablo can be used for more than just posting images with quotes. It can also be used to sell items, create event invites and other image-based notices that you would normally need to use a dedicated image app for.

So what are you waiting for?

Let your imagination fly and let your creativity take your brand and marketing to new levels with all new PABLO by our very own BUFFER!

P.S. The image I have used for this blog post is created on Pablo using one of its stock images.

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