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Weekly Social Media Roundup – 23rd May

Social Media


Hey smarty pants, great to see you again.

This week wasn’t easy for me. I found less curable content. Was that for you too?


Maybe the ones I follow needed some break.

Still I have a bag full of goodies for you 😀


Here’s your social media treat for the week.

 As always, try one, try all. 😉


Social Media

Our social platform of the week is Instagram. Clap…clap…clap.

With the buzzing popularity of Instagram, we all want to create some engaging posts on Instagram. And who can teach Instagram better than Peg Fitzpatrick? Here’re her top 10 ideas for inspiring posts.

Inspiring and engaging Instagram posts.



Now I may be a little late in bringing this to your notice but I’m very excited to share this article with you. Do you know Google+ has added “Collections” for your ease of content curation. Whether it’s curating your own posts or posts you love, it’s now just a click away. Learn all about collections with Dustin W. Stout.

Google+ Collections.


Visual Strategy

When it comes to branding and having a signature style, visual strategy plays a big role. Your images need to be so precise that people can just look at them and say, hey! it’s Khushboo (of course I was trying). So here we have our badass queen Andrea Beltra once again, to tell us all about branded images.

Creating branded blog images.


Tool of the Week

This time, it’s like, “tools of the week”. Writing is definitely an art but with increasing demand, we need to be quick, refined and impressive all the time. Here are some great tools by Ian Cleary that help you to be great with content.

 11 Blog writing tools.


Infographic of the week

This is one infographic that should get some place on your pin board. After all, we should know how many times we need to post our work on each social platform. CoSchedule has nailed this schedule so well that I chose it to be the infographic of the week.




We’re done for this week. Hope you found these articles useful. Try them out and if you want to share any piece of content or advice, just comment below.